The Use of Characters in Logo Design

We often talk about logos here at Print Express, and for good reason – we see a huge amount of them, whether it’s on flyers, training manuals or any amount of stationery. And I suppose it’s for that reason that we’ve always had a soft spot for them – there’s a deep appreciation for really great design here, and I’ve always thought that logos are the type of branding that can have a huge impact.

Today, I wanted to talk about one interesting element of branding: the use of characters in logo design. Logos that make use of characters (much like mascots) can add a huge amount of personality to a design, and in many ways it helps stop you thinking of the product or service that you’re dealing with from being a big faceless company and one that’s got a fun, personal twist to it. Of course, it’s definitely not right for every brand – it depends a lot on your tone of voice and the way that you want to come across, but for some companies (small, fun startups especially), it can really set you apart from your competition.

I’ve brought together a showcase of some of my recent favourite examples of logo designs that all make great use of characters. Some of them are extremely vibrant and over-the-top, and others are a bit more understated, but they all have one thing in common – great logo designs that all add a bit of personality with their own custom character to be the face of the brand. I hope you find this collection useful and that it gets you looking out for great logos that use mascots to make them stand out.

Space Cat[Above:]


Delivery Logo[Above:]

Moon Logo[Above:]

Hip Cat[Above:]

Water Ninja[Above:]


Innocent Squirrel[Above:]

Logo Bird[Above:]

No Input[Above:]

Octopus Data[Above:]

TV Logo[Above:]

Logo Mascot[Above:]

Wolf VR[Above:]

Wolf Logo[Above:]

I hope you’ve found this showcase of characters in logo design to be a useful source of inspiration for your next project. As always, if you know of any other logos that have great mascots or characters, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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