Tattoo Design Inspiration

Here at DESIGN, we like to get inspiration from everywhere we can – from well designed leaflets and postcards to interesting illustrations, and it’s the latter that I wanted to talk about today. And while there are all kinds of illustrations, I wanted to cover something we’ve never talked about before: illustrations that are inspired by tattoos. There’s often an interesting style to tattoo designs – they’re usually (but not always) a bit on the minimalist side, with a stronger focus on line drawing techniques, and while block colours are doable, they’re a bit more on the rarer side.

Note how this post isn’t about tattoos themselves – this is about illustrations that are inspired by tattoos. There’s a subtle difference there – some of these designs are destined to be inked onto people, but others have taken that slightly aggressive style and used it for inspiration. Personally, I think it gives these designs a really distinct look and feel, with their own slightly unusual personality and tone. I hope that this collection of tattoo design inspiration gives you some ideas of you own (whether you’re looking for ideas for your own tattoo, or if you’re just thinking about applying this sort of style of design into your own work). As always, if you know of any examples that deserve a place in this post, I’d love to hear from you.

Tattoo Inspiration[Above:]


Punch It[Above:]

Just Undo It[Above:–Z]





Permanent Records[Above:]

Tattoo Design[Above:]





UFO Camp[Above:]

So there you have it, our showcase of creative illustrations all inspired by tattoos. If you know of any others that deserve a special mention in this post, let us know in the comments below!

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