Instagram Logo Redesigns

Last week Instagram updated it’s logo design (or, at least, the app icon) and as with pretty much any logo redesign, there was a bit of an outcry. I suspect that over time people will get used to the new design and find it less jarring when they look at their smartphone, but official redesigns like this are quite a good opportunity for something new: unofficial redesigns.

Instagram Logo[Above: Instagram’s new logo]

Typically, when a popular brand like Instagram changes their logo, designers see it as a great excuse to try their hand at seeing how they would have done it differently. Personally, I think unofficial redesigns are great! They’re a fantastic excuse to get creative and see how you might approach a design challenge, it’s useful practice AND in trying to redesign it yourself, you come across unusual or interesting problems that you may not have considered at first glance. It’s definitely something I’d encourage for anyone looking to up their game.

That said, I wanted to bring together a showcase of interesting, creative and imaginative Instagram logo redesigns. Exploring how other designers have approached the same logo design (or redesign) can be a useful way of getting inspiration, and it’s interesting seeing what recurring themes exist, and what directions other people take the artwork in. Hopefully you’ll find this collection of Instagram logo designs to be a useful source of inspiration for your next logo design project.

Instagram Logo Redesign[Above:]

Instagram Redesign[Above:]

Minimalist Instagram Logo[Above:]


Redesigned Instagram Logo[Above:]

Instagram App Icon Concept[Above:]

Instagram Icon[Above:]

Instagram Logo Redesign[Above:]

Unofficial Instagram Redesign[Above:]

Minimal Instagram Logo[Above:]

Colourful Instagram Logo[Above:]

Instagram Gradient[Above:–myinstagramelogo]

Insta Logo[Above:]

Bold Instagram Logo[Above:]


So there you have it: our showcase of the latest, greatest Instagram logo redesigns. I hope you’ve found this post to be inspiring, and that it’s given you some thoughts about how a logo can be redesigned in different, colourful and unusual ways. Of course, if you’ve redesigned the Instagram logo and want to share it in the comments, you can do so below – we’d love to see it!

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