Infrared Photography

We often talk about all kinds of design here at Print Express, but today I wanted to cover something slightly out of the ordinary: infrared photography (sometimes called IR photography). Infrared photography involves taking photos using an infrared filter, which blocks visible light and only allows near-infrared light to pass through. We are used to only seeing light that’s in the visible part of the spectrum, but IR photography reveals a different, and often eery and dreamlike, vision of our world.

Infrared photography tends to work beautifully in nature shots, as trees and foliage turn from being the vibrant greens that we see to often white, almost like they’re covered in snow. One interesting aspect of IR photography is that it cuts through fog, mist and dust particles to an astonishing degree, which tends to produce images with a much higher clarity than you might otherwise expect. It really does create an unexpected and interesting alternative to regular photography, and while it works really well for black & white images, it’s not restricted to that. There are colour photographs that make use of infrared filters yet still have that clarity and almost ethereal style to them – some of which are included in the gallery below. Infrared photography used to be restricted to just film, which made the barrier to entry a bit harder, but lately digital IR photography has taken over and it’s become much easier to get started with it. Hopefully this gallery of IR photography will get you excited about trying your hand at it – and if you do, we’d love to see what you come up with in the comments at the end of this post. For now though, I hope you enjoy this showcase of the infrared photography that’s been inspiring me lately.

IR Tractor[Above: Photo by Cliff Ammons]

Contrails[Above: Infrared Contrail by brx0]

Infrared Street Photography[Above: Infrared Street Scene by Charley Lhasa]

IR Photography[Above: Spring in Comanche County by Greg Westfall]

Infrared Tree[Above: Infrared Tree by Roman Vanur]

Virginia[Above: Virginia by fortherock]

Caribbean[Above: Caribbean Beach by Nick Kenrick]

Infrared[Above: Infrared Quarry by k fitz-henry]

IR Photo[Above: Smokehouse by Cliff Ammons]

Brisbane[Above: Brisbane by Darryl Collins]

Infrared HDR[Above: Palmer Park, Colorado Springs by David]

IR Photo[Above: Photo by Phan Ly]

Infrared Sage[Above: Infrared Sage by Mike Lewinski]

Hot Rod Pickup Truck[Above: Hot Rod Pickup Truck by Robert Couse-Baker]

Infrared Buildings[Above: Infrared Buildings by Charley Lhasa]

I hope you’ve found this showcase of infrared photography to be interesting – I know I did when I started exploring this as a topic. If you’ve taken any IR photos that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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