An Exploration of Tilt-Shift Photography

Here on the Print Express design blog, we like to cover all kinds of topics around design, but lately one thing that I’ve been especially fascinated with is photography – and in particular today I wanted to cover tilt-shift photography.

What is tilt-shift photography? Tilt-shift photography is a process using either a special camera lens or (more easily) post-production in Photoshop to focus on one area of the photograph to make it particularly shape compared to the more out-of-focus border, achieved by tilting around the vertical axis. One of the main defining features of tilt-shift photography is that the end result looks a lot like it’s a photo of miniature figures or models of buildings. Things take on a bit of a dreamlike state, and it’s certainly one of the more unusual photography techniques. It’s also only really suitable for very specific angles and situations – it wouldn’t, for example, work for a portrait. It works for an angled top-down shot taken from some distance, especially capturing images of towns or cities because it makes everything look a bit like a model village.

To help show off what I mean, and to give you some inspiration, we’ve brought together a showcase of some of our favourite recent examples of tilt-shift photography. I hope that this gets you excited about trying it out for yourself, and if you do create anything you’re proud of, I’d love to hear about it in the comments at the end of this post. So, without further ado, here are our favourite tilt-shift photos.

Tilt-Shift Eiffel Tower[Above: Eiffel Tower by Jason Paul Smith]

Tilt-Shift[Above: Tilt-Shift by Gary Ullah]

Paris[Above: Paris by just_go]

Tilt-Shift[Above: Tilt-Shift Puerto Aguadulce by MĂ­riam PĂ©rez]

Tilt-Shift Sheep[Above: Tilt-Shift Sheep by beety]

Tilt Shift Photography[Above: Damascus by Mr. Theklan]

Medellin[Above: MedellĂ­n by Andres Atehortua]

Tilt-Shift[Above: Tilt-Shift by Gary Ullah]

Tilt Shift Singapore[Above: Tilt Shift Singapore by Joost Roojimans]

Washington[Above: Roger Schultz]

Bologna[Above: Bologna by Alessandro Capotondi]

Tilt Shift Fox[Above: Tilt-Shift Fox by Gary Ullah]

Tilt Shift[Above: Tilt/shift by Anders Johansson]

Tilt-shift Photography[Above: Tilt-shift by Henrique Almeida]

LA[Above: LA by Alex Kehr]

So there you have it, our exploration of tilt-shift photography. I hope you’ve found these examples have given you that spark of creativity and has maybe even convinced you to try your hand at it.

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