An Exploration of Colour In Illustration Design

For a long time now, I’ve been fascinated by illustration. It’s something that, sadly, I’ve never been very good at but it’s something that I’ve always appreciated. I think because it’s something that I’ve always struggled with, it’s helped me to really appreciate it when I see it done well. And there are some incredible, beautiful examples of illustration out there – from print advertising, to brochure design, postcards, and of course in artists sketchbooks everywhere. Today I wanted to talk specifically about the use of colour in illustration – making designs attention grabbing and getting them to pop from the page. There’s something truly stunning about artwork that’s not afraid to be bold with it’s colour palette, and it can result in illustrations that are bursting with life, personality and character.

I’ve brought together my favourite recent examples of illustrations (all created by artists significantly more talented than me) that make use of colour beautifully. From vibrant blues, deep reds, and dazzling yellows, these illustrations all make use of colour to bring the artwork to life. I hope these designs give you some ideas and get you inspired to create your own bold and colourful art.

Colourful Illustration[Above:]








Euro Stoxx[Above:]



Mobile Phone Illustration[Above:]

Still Summer[Above:]


Winter Trek[Above:]

So there you have it – our exploration of colour in illustration design. I hope you’ve been able to take some inspiration from these examples, and that it gets you thinking more about how you can be bolded and use more vibrant colours to bring your designs to life. If you know of any other examples that you think deserve a special mention in this post, I’d love to hear from you!

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