Aerial Drone Photography

We talk about all sorts of creative things here at DESIGN, from web design to street art to interior design – but today I wanted to cover something a bit left field: aerial drone photography. Drone photography is the art of using an unmanned drone to capture unique images from the air, often providing a very dramatic landscape shot.

The surprising thing about technology is how over time it often becomes extremely advanced and low cost, and this is particularly true of drones right now. It’s possible to get drones that have very high quality cameras attached to them for a fairly reasonable price, and this has made aerial photography much more accessible. In truth, I really started thinking about this post after watching Ozark on Netflix – the thing that stood out to me was the wide pull-back shots revealing incredibly beautiful landscapes, and realising that they must have been captured on a drone (something that’s pretty impressive when you realise that drone would have a film-quality camera attached to it).

Aerial drone photography is something that I think we’ll be seeing more of over the next couple of years, from hobbyists all the way up to weddings and even up to adverts and commercial photoshoots. And it’s not surprising when you see the sheer quality of what’s possible today. I wanted to showcase some of my favourite recent examples of aerial drone photography to hopefully inspire you. If this post encourages you to go out and buy a drone and start taking photographs (something I’ve considered, but can’t quite afford just yet!), then I’d love to hear from you in the comments at the end of this post.

Drone Photography[Above: By koekoes]

Drone Photography[Above: By Heine Schjølberg]

Aerial Drone Castle[Above: By CucombreLibre]

Drone Photo[Above: By koekoes]

Mount Rainier[Above: By LDELD]

Aerial Photography[Above: By koekoes]

Drone Photography[Above: By trezy humanoiz]

Drone Aerial Photography[Above: By Jacopo]

Connecticut River[Above: By Patrick Johnson]

Drone Photo[Above: By Gigi L. Filice]

Aerial Beach Photography[Above: By koekoes]

Bali Aerial Photo[Above: By trezy humanoiz]

Drone Photo[Above: By Jacopo]

Aerial Photography[Above: By Michael Seeley]

Drone Photography[Above: By Michael Seeley]

So there you have it – my favourite examples of aerial drone photography. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it’s maybe even encouraged you to pick up a drone (although, of course, that depends on your budget!). If you know of any other great examples of drone photography, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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