A Showcase of HDR Photography

You might be asking yourself, just what is HDR photography? HDR photography (or high dynamic range photography) is a technique that takes multiple exposures and then stitches them together into one, which allows dark sections to be very dark and light sections to be very light. It doesn’t always work for every situation, but it’s a useful technique for evening out large contrasts and light levels, as it often means that both dark and light areas of the photograph are accurately displayed without one affecting the other.

One thing that I’ve often found with HDR photography, and particularly with landscape shots, is that it can result in a much higher level of contrast and that, in turn, can create some incredibly dramatic images. I wanted to explore this further and so today I’ve brought together a collection of HDR photographs to hopefully inspire you and to get you thinking about playing around with the High Dynamic Range setting on your camera (or using your smartphone, as most of these seem to have an HDR option now). Once you see this collection I’m sure you’ll understand just how dramatic and moody it can make images, and while I don’t recommend HDR for every photograph you make, it’s an interesting technique to keep in mind and consider. As always, if you know of any other examples of great HDR photography that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about it in the comments at the end of this post.

HDR Photography[Above: Evening sky by David J]

Laukkoski[Above: Laukkoski by Erkki Nokso-Koivisto]

Edificio VizcaĆ­nas[Above: Edificio VizcaĆ­nas by Carlos Adampol Galindo]

Russ and his Bus[Above: Russ and his Bus by Chris Fithall]

Brahmshof[Above: Brahmshof by Jonas Wagner]

Snow[Above: Snow by Chris Roos]

Festspielhaus[Above: Festspielhaus by Michael Riedel]

HDR Building[Above: HDR Building by Enrico Strocchi]

Sunset[Above: Sunset by Carmine.shot]

St Pancras HDR[Above: St Pancras by Richard Leeming]

Madsen Building[Above: Madsen Building by Jason Tong]

Colourful Doors[Above: Colourful Doors by Luis Orellana]

Tampere[Above: Tampere by Juho Tervo]

Montreal[Above: Montreal by oknidius]

Lyngvig Lighthouse[Above: Lyngvig Lighthouse by magnetismus]

I hope you’ve found these examples of HDR (high dynamic range) photography to be useful and that they’ve given you some inspiration. As always, if you know of any other stunning HDR photographs that deserve a special mention, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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