Personalised marketing addresses specific consumers using customised communications.

It is targeted to “the market of one”, based on information such as past purchases or behaviour, family
situation, interests and so on.
They can include fully personalised offers and images.
The secret behind the effectiveness of personalised marketing is that the personalized pieces not only
capture attention, but back it up with content relevant to each unique recipient.

And when you talk with recipients personally, using text, imagery and offers customised to their needs
and desires, a few things can happen:
• Increase in order volume and size
• Cost per response decreases
• Increase repeat business

Unlimited possibilities

The potential for variable data printing is limited only by the imagination of the creator. Consider the
power of being able to create a custom message for each recipient, catered to the reader's age, gender,
interests, buying habits, address etc.

Benefits of Targeted Personalised Marketing

The precise targeting of individuals builds lasting customer relationships that in turn result in improved
 retention rates and reduced customer turnover.

This translates into bottom line improvement with sales increases from the use of personalisation and
customisation that range between 1% and 30%. There could also be improvement to the deal size,
speed to close, and more…

The lift in response rates for targeted vs. static direct mail is anywhere from a 2X to 5X, depending on

Is targeted direct mail worth its cost?

The cost of one-to-one printing is higher for direct mail when considered on a “per-piece” basis.
However, when considered on a programme cost basis, costs may be lower, since it is often occurs that fewer pieces are printed and mailed in a
customised campaign.

Higher response rates mean a better return for every pound invested, resulting in a higher return on marketing investment (ROMI).

In addition, personalised direct mail is a more eco-friendly option, generating greater social responsibility credit for the marketer.

Your Syncoms account manager will work with you to determine the most effective programme for your company at a financial outlay that matches your position.
The Essentials of a Targeted Direct Mail Campaign

A good targeted direct mail campaign requires a relevant offer and business rules to guide the campaign; high quality full colour digital print; and a high-quality

These are all elements that the Print Express team can help our clients to develop in a bid to make your marketing more effective.
The quality of the data is central to the success of the campaign as the more data you have about the customer, the more precise, relevant and potent the
personalisation can become.

Ideally, marketers will be in possession of some historical customer (and potential customer) information, which can then be refined for the campaign’s use.

However, if no information has been collected, you can start by purchasing a qualified mailing list, reflecting the desired target market.
Surveys, loyalty programmes, offers, and leads are all excellent resources for gathering and qualifying additional information.
Speak to Print Express account manager about how we can weave these techniques together to allow you to do better business.

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